Blog entry 1, published 01-01-2022


Welcome to the first blog entry, I'm Stella and this is my dump

So, a little introduction: I'm Stella (as you probably already guessed) and I made this blog as a new year's resolution.

Recently I had become disatisfied with the modern web, there's so much stuff going on in there, endless discussion, and it's really hard to find communities where you can just chill out and just do whatever

Because of this, I decided to go on the hunt to see if there were communities resembeling what the old web used to be, and luckily enough, I found it.

It first started with finding SpaceHey, and from there I found the YesterWeb webring and this little community and I decided "Why not settle here?"

This was the perfect opportunity, I wanted to revive the old feeling of the web and I found a way. Plus this would give me a project to focus on (hopefully I won't abandon it after a couple of weeks)

And so, I built this website. The design is not all that good, but I hope to improve it as time goes on.

Anyway, time for an FAQ cuz why not


Where are you from?

The internet, obviously.

Favorite color?

Dark blue

What languages do you know?

I know both English and Spanish, and I'm studying Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese

Favorite music genre?

Anything that sounds good, but I tend to have a preference towards rock music

Anyway, that's it for the blog entry, I'll try to do weekly or semi-weekly blog entries about random subjects. But until then, I'll be fixing the website